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Comedy Stage Hypnotist - David Knight

The Mind Persuader

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David Knight
Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show

Over 30 Years Professional

Over 6,000 Hypnosis Shows

48 Countries around the world

60,000 Volunteers Hypnotised

18 TV Credits

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David Knight Comedy Hypnotist

David Knight - World Class Stage Hypnotist
Welcome to The Hypnotic World of Comedy Stage Hypnotist - David Knight.
Based in the UK and available for: TV - Theatre - Corporate and Cruise Ships world wide.

Hilarious Hypnotic Laughter

See The Show or Be The Show

Prepare for a show stuffed full of laughter
from start to Finish!

Shows available from 30 minutes to 90 minutes in length

David Knight Hypnosis Show

David Knight - "Give him a piece of your mind!"

David Knight Master Hypnotist.
A Member of Equity and
The Hypnosis Circle

UK Office: 0844 6655 333
UK Mobile: 07017 000 333

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